Alejandro Blanco is a professional guitarist from Venezuela & based in Los Angeles Ca.  Have toured , performed , done recording sessions for Grammy awards artists & a variety of musical performers like Luis Enrique, Joan Sebastian, Alejandro Fernandez, Marisela, Paulina Rubio, B2K, Erika Vidrio, Jenny Rivera, Andy Vargas (lead vocalist for Santana ) Marco Antonio Solîs, Carlos Fonsi, Ana Bårbara, Luis Alberto Aguilera, Sandra Echeverrîa, Jose Manuel Figueroa, etc...Always active & immersed in the universe of guitars & other stringed instruments doing what he calls "guitarnoizing"...

Alejandro Blancoguitar

Doug Brunelle is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist musician with decades of professional experience in a wide variety of musical genres and performing groups.  His primary instruments include bass guitar, flute, and clarinet. 
Doug has performed extensively on bass guitar with the Como La Flor Band in the past, from 2016 to 2019. He is excited to be a part of this premier Selena tribute band once again

 Tina is a Mexican American singer/songwriter born and raised in El Paso, TX, and made the move to LA in 2010. She has since performed in many established and well-known venues across the U.S.  Tina has appeared on FOX and Telemundo alongside Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in the Latino Show "Q'Viva!", and was the only talent from the U.S. picked to represent her country. Tina competed and beat out 30 singers from across the country, winning the show by audience and judges vote.

Doug BrunelleBass

Tina Aldana "Selena"

June Medinadrums

Norman Jacksonkeyboard

Norman Jackson is a professional keyboardist/pianist producer and arranger based out of Los Angeles who has work and tour with artist Jennifer Lopez (2012 Dance Again World Tour), Jessica Simpson, Marc Anthony, various corporate and top 40 groups, Leigh Jones, Reik, Judy, Spanish Rock Band ROCA FIRME, Latin Singer Ignacio Val, Tina Alda, Alejandro Fernandez, Samo (From the Latin Pop Band CAMILA), Andy Vargas (Lead Singer For Carlos Santa) and the list goes on. Norman has played many genres from Latin, Country,  Gospel, Jazz, R&B, and Rock and continues to explore and expand his his music journey.

Eddie Bevinstimbale

Cesar Diasbackground vocals

June Medina is a professional versatile touring/session drummer residing in Los Angeles, CA. 
He is Originally form Sonora, Mexico and has had the pleasure of working with Tejano icon Jay Perez, 
Latin Rock/Pop Star Natalia Jimenez, Carlos Rivera (Guerra Tour), Andy Vargas (Lead Singer for Carlos Santana), 
Larry Braggs (Tower of Power), Tina Aldana (Disney), Lalo Mora (Norteño) and many others. 
When not on tour, June teaches privately and works with various circuits in Southern California. 

Eddie is a seasoned veteran drummer and percussionist. Eddie has been playing the drums since his High school years and has never stopped doing what he loves most. Eddie has played in many formats and platforms in the music industry ranging from night clubs, concerts to tribute bands. One of his last gigs was playing percussion for a Eric Clapton Tribute band.

*PERSONAL NOTE: Eddie loves flying, fast cars, and basically...anything that goes fast is his passion!!

​He is called "Fast Eddie"in his home town.

Cesar is a great singer. He has been singing since he was a kid. Most of his work has been in the private circuit and conventions. He is a great compliment to our band bringing experience and is a great singing coach for the rest of the band!!! His vast experience to adjust and adding diferente colors to the voices of our band is the best compliment to our band.

*PERSONAL NOTE: Cesar is an elementary school teacher and on a daily basis forms future citizens of this planet!!